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MedAdvance. Medical Billing & Payments

MedAdvance. offers a suite of technologies which make managing your billing and payments easy, allowing you to concentrate on running your practice.

One solution...many ways to use it in your clinic.

  • Reduce the up-front cost to patients who need to pay the full fee in advance of getting a Medicare rebate.
  • Eliminate processing cost of credit card transactions for medical clinics.
  • Reduce the rescheduling and "no shows" caused by the need to wait for patient payment.
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MedAdvance Features

Reduced Up-Front Cost

Provide your patients with an option that reduces the cash they need to access quality health care.

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Zero Processing Fees

At MedAdvance you get what you bill for all Medicare code items. No transaction fees, no percentage and no subscription costs.

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In Clinic Payments

Accept in clinic payments including Credit Card & EFTPOS with wireless terminal and iPad integration to your invoices.

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Online Payments

Branded online invoices, payments and receipts delivered by email and by SMS link delivered to your patients free.

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Practice Management Integrations

Connect MedAdvance to your practice management software or ERM to seamlessly manage invoices and payments.

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Transaction Splitting

Split transactions by percentage or amount, route to one account or five, by practitioner or item code. Infinite options.

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Reducing patient up-front cost

MedAdvance. provides unique finance for patients, lowering the up-front cash cost of the Medicare rebates in advance of their claim.

MedAdvance offers patients an "in-invoice" option to pay only the gap payment and a small fee. MedAdvance advances the rebate amount and accepts repayment after the Medicare rebate is received by the patient.

MedAdvance patient benefit:

  • Better access to healthcare and prevent financial related cancellations and reschedules.
  • Access to payment options and finance for patients without a credit card.
  • Reduced financial stress of cash needs for the 52% of Australians who live pay-to-pay.
  • Promote timely preventive care and regular practitioner visits.

Used across all types of medical practice, MedAdvance benefits the almost a half a million Australians who decided not to see a practitioner each year as they could not afford it.

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Zero Processing Fees

Credit cards may be an easy payment option, but they are expensive for businesses trying to manage costs. We have a solution for that.
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With the movement towards mixed and private billing, along with the expanded use of telemedicine, credit cards have become a larger part of the cost of providing quality healthcare. For some private clinics, the 2.2% they pay to process cards can be as much as 8% of their total clinic operating cost.

What you bill is what you get!

For all consultations and procedures with an item code:

  • Zero Processing Fees.
  • Zero Transaction Fees.
  • Zero Monthly Fees.
  • Zero Subscription Fees.

Regardless of if a patient uses our MedAdvance rebate advance or pays in full, if the item billed has a Medicare MBS item code, you pay no fees at all.

In-Clinic & Online Payments

VeriFone M440 Terminal

MedAdvance provides the widest range of payment options both online and in clinic. Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of clinic operations with free transaction processing, SMS, transaction terminals and tablets.

A full range of In-Clinic and Online payment options
  • VISA & Mastercard
  • Direct Debit
  • BPay

Online invoicing and payments including email and SMS short-linked invoices, automated receipts and even scheduled reminders. The entire process is managed according to the rules of the clinic or practitioner providing maximum versatility when communicating with patients.

MedAdvance also has the option to “push” a patient invoice to a tablet in clinic, both providing a useful tool for explaining patient billing, but also allowing the patient to select a payment option which is communicated to the EFTPOS terminal or completed right on the tablet.

Practice Management Integrations

Medadvance is constantly developing new integrations to communicate seamlessly with your practice management software, reduce practice administrative workload, enhance transaction reporting and save time and money.

Seamless integration with practice management software, ERM’s and accounting environments

MedAdvance can be used as a stand alone billing and payments platform, or used exclusively within your existing software environment. We build to reduce double handling of tasks and increase efficiency.

Contact us to see what available software integrations work best for you.

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Transaction Splitting

Use transaction splitting to segregate funds, manager payments and develop new business opportunities through allied health and consulting partners.

Reduce your administrative workload with transaction splitting and routing. With individual routing rules, you can send payments to multiple accounts, split payments based on product or service type or escrow individual practitioner and clinic funds in separate accounts.

Infinite routing rules for infinite possibilities
  • Route by Item Number
  • Route by Practitioner
  • Route by Category
  • Split by Percentage
  • Split by Amount

Use one or use them all. Custom configurations for even the most complex medical practice environment.

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We looked at...

Allied Health Providers

Specialist Groups

General Practice Clinics

...and found we could save them...

$ 142,418,641 in transaction fees

...and save their patients...

$ 2,153,846,153 in up-front cash

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that we do not cover, feel free to send us a message or chat with us. We would love to hear your questions and add them to our FAQ’s.

There are no subscription costs.

For all invoiced items that have a Medicare billing code, there is no costs at all to the clinic or practitioner. This is also the case for patients where they chose not to opt for the advance of the rebate amount.

For items that are invoiced which do not have a Medicare Billing Code MedAdvance charges 1.79% for those items only. An example of such items may be medical equipment, devices or aids.

MedAdvance works with wireless EFTPOS terminals, Tablets and iPad, and through a virtual terminal within practice management software.

Note that MedAdvance currently has a limited offer that provides all needed equipment free to use. Contact our team now for a demonstration and reserve your equipment

MedAdvance takes privacy and data protection very seriously. We designed our systems to meet the ISO 27001 standard. Your data is your data. We will not sell it or share it to any third party other than as part of the process of providing services to you.

Read our Privacy Policy and GDPR Disclosure and see how we deal with data.

If a patient pays in full in advance, is Bulk Billed, or is a DVA Billed patient, there is no difference at all in the cost to the patient.

When a patient chooses to have MedAdvance finance the rebate amount, the MedAdvance Fee is added to the Gap Fee amount. The fee varies depending on the consultation or procedure code, and is based on the amount financed by MedAdvance.

MedAdvance was designed to make things easy for clinic staff. Invoices can be sent by email, SMS or “pushed” to an iPad which explains both the invoice from the clinic and the available payment options for the patient. There is no need for your clinic team to spend a lot of time explaining the options.


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